Turn Up Your Heat

  • Théa Goddess Activation

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Dead of Winter Dance Party

Nourish Your Body

  • Fourth Chakra Yoga

  • Tantric Dance Meditation

  • Abhyanga & Marma Points Massage

  • Waterfall Hike

Use Your Voice

  • Deep-Dive Sharing Circles

  • Sacred Vocal Work

  • Sister Song Sing-a-long

Soothe Your Mind

  • Heart Meditation

  • Healing Trance Journey

  • Rewire Your Mind for Deep Love




Amy Dawn is a performing artist, social justice activist, ritualist, yogini, and breathwork facilitator. With a background in competitive gymnastics, dance, & circus, she has over 20 years of experience healing deep layers of personal and collective trauma for herself and others. This path continuously reinforces her belief in the transformational power of breath, play and the expressive arts.


H.D. Fisch is a certified hypnotist, holistic life coach and performance artist.
She engages public audiences under hypnotist trade-name, H.D. Psychek. Since 2008, her work has been focused on the investigation, catharsis and healing of the collective human psyche through theater and the healing arts. Most recently, her studies in Jungian psychology, NLP, Eriksonian hypnosis, occult mysticism, chakra-system theory and gender politics have been channeled into developing a method for re-wiring limiting beliefs about the self.

Jani in prayer pose 2.jpg

Jani Moon has been facilitating Goddess circles, baby/bridal blessings, land blessings, ceremonies and rituals of all kinds for over 10 yrs. She is the owner of Goddess Moon SiSTARs, a platform where women can activate their inner Goddess and start leading their own rituals, ceremonies and circles.



Maryn Azoff inspires the voice in every human body and teaches how to free our spirit and express our individual sacred sound. The journey of the voice is an exploration of emotion, self expression and personal power.  Whether speaking or singing, our voices hold the power of manifesting our reality here on earth. Using our energy centers to resonate vibrational power we can heal our bodies and our world through our creative expressions. Each voice in unique and beautiful.


Meagan Lee Farrell spent her childhood living a nomadic lifestyle, exposing her to a multitude of cultures and introducing her to different kinds of music that she is passionate about: reggae, flamenco, salsa, and hip hop. She has traveled extensively to gain deeper understanding of these and other cultures, with humanitarian work in Sumpango, Guatemala and recently visiting with natives in the Amazonian jungle. Today she pulls elements of her travels into the world of electronic music to weave a story of these journeys.


Mia Luz After a lifelong interest in spirit and the healing arts together with a strong connection to our Earth mother, it was natural for Mia to find her way as a remembrance teacher and way shower. She is a contemporary medicine woman an alchemical priestess, soul coach and a drum-doula. Certified practitioner of shamanic energy medicine an Ojibwe pipe carrier and a mother. She gives honor to her spirit which has not let her waiver too far from her path.


Saadia Shaza is an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner (trained under Dr. Vasant Lad), Doula (DONA) and Ayur-Yoga Instructor. Since 2011, she has been guiding people into deeper harmony with their own natures with dietary and herbal support and daily practices to enhance health and vitality. Saadia's natural ability to lead others to cultivate their full potential is supported by her deep connection to the wisdom of plants and her training in Ayurveda, a 5000 year-old system of knowledge that remains powerfully relevant in modern times.


Susanna Raven: Musician, singer and song writer. Earth lover and humble apprentice to the world of plant medicine, deeply appreciating the interconnectedness of all that is Life. Filled with deep admiration for the works of traditional healers and their medicine music. Passionately tuned into the healing vibration of didgeridoo sound magic.



Venus Paloma is a Doula and a Childbirth Educator and Midwife Assistant with a background in Women's Health and Psychology. She has worked and trained with Midwives in homebirth for over 18 years. As well as organizing Shamanic circles and healing retreats for women.  Venus is also a certified Reiki practitioner, intuitive card reader, Wife and Mother.


costs include shared accommodations, workshops, supplies and all meals from Friday evening through Sunday morning